How would you keep your best friend alive?

Margarita Skopeliti
3 min readJul 23, 2020

After being physically dead…

There she is. She didn’t return you call this morning, although this is your daily check-in habit, but she is there. You had to call the police to open her door. She is not missing. She is there, laying in her bed. Calm, at peace, almost smiling. You can smell the shampoo she washed her hair last night before going to bed. Turned to her right side, she is gently hugging a pillow. As the lover she was so anxiously waiting. As the baby she was dreaming to give birth to. Over the white pillow you can’t miss notice them, red and shinning.

Painting her nails red was her fetish, her weekly routine that reminded her she is still attractive, beautiful, still a woman. She started when she was 20 and she was still doing till the very end. You knew exactly when her weekly nail appointment was over the last 10 years you were friends. She wasn’t rescheduling it for any light reason.

You realize you will not hear her voice again, see her smiling, see those red spots moving in the air while she was speaking. Sometimes you were feeling being dazzled, hypnotized while they were moving along her hands.

You have to keep her still living with you. But just having a picture is not enough for you. There is no routine, no habit around it. You can’t have the picture with you all time in all places. She will be remember for her personality by many other people, like her family, coworkers in many ways; but what you need is something more personal. Instantly you realize exactly what you can do for her. You will take over and start painting your nails red as if you were she. This will be your weekly appointment with her.

I was amazed when I heard this story. I will always keep this story in my mind as an example on how we can keep our loved ones present and connected with us after they leave for the next level journey. Of course we can continue spreading their qualities, remembering their words and beliefs. We have to. There is no point of losing knowledge and learnings over time and re-invent them.

Just thinking, if we add a habit around it, can this maybe safeguard our commitment doing it more consistently overtime?

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