Letter to my son: I Will Handle Seeing You Dead.

Margarita Skopeliti
3 min readApr 26, 2022

I Can’t Handle Seeing You Dying.

Photo by Fernando Cabral from Pexels

Theoretically I won’t be alive when you will die.

I hope I won’t be asked to face you lying cold and breathless in a coffin.

But it is still possible.

I am trying to accept this possibility and become friend with this idea.

People in history have died for freedom, injustice, for saving another people’s life, for dreaming another way of living, thinking etc.

People have put themselves in such “deadly” accidents voluntarily.

I always admired them for their courage.

If it is meant to see you die, I would love to see dying at a moment driven by something bigger, surrendered to a calling, self-exposed.

I would like to see you die at that exact moment. So that you pass to the next level of living from that level, with this moment as ticket at hands, at this peek state of living as your greatest milestone.

I would like to see you die with the smile of reaching absolute sacrifice and full giving when you leave your last breath.

So that you the moment of death has become a moment of absolute life, absolute happiness.

It would hurt seeing you dying in need for … in want of … in dream of … in search for … in anticipation of …

A part of you dies from pain every time when:

-You act mechanically and routinely without knowing why.

-You say you mean something, but you don’t.

-You say you will do something, and you don’t.

-You say you have done something, and you haven’t.

-You say you are after something, but you are not looking for it.

A part of your heart dies every time it signals you a feeling and you repress it.

A part of your body dies when it signals you a feeling and you ignore it.

A part of your mind dies every time it gives you a dream, a possibility, another option and you forget it.

A part of your spirit dies every time you play safe, stay still, in fear and give…



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