Letter to my son: I’m letting go.

Margarita Skopeliti
4 min readFeb 2, 2021

You have to be your mum.

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

Until you will be ready to have this discussion, I am writing.

I was always there for you. I have been :

· Waking you up in the morning

· Putting you to sleep at night

· Dressing you up

· Bathing you

· Feeding you

· Reading you books and telling you stories

· Checking with a doctor your growth

· Reminding you that being sick is temporary, and you will be again fine in some days

· Guiding you to school or the gum, even when you didn’t feel like going

· Checking with your teachers your progress

· Encouraging you to take the first step

· Celebrating your first step

· Encouraging you to learn how to ride a bike

· Celebrating you riding a bike

· Asking you to dream of the future

· Asking you to never quit, try one more time, every time

· Asking you to not be angry with kids that make you feel bad, at least not for long.

· Surrounding you with people that care for you and make you laugh

· Reminding you to smile every day

But, more and more often lately, I realize that I will not always be there for you.

I hope you have been watching, are watching along the way.

I hope you will be able to recall what I have been doing, what we have been doing together so that you can continue doing all that a mum does, and do it yourself to you, for you. Be your own mum. Not seek, not need someone else to be your mum after me.

What I dream for you is that:

· You wake up in the morning with the urge to take advantage every minute of the day

· You put you to sleep at night, comforted you had a day full of moments to remember

· You take care of your body

· You take care of your diet



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